Freaky Bass Council

A French Collaboration of music fanatics and Record labels come together to form The Freaky Bass Society.

◾ Inner Sense (MLIU, 9ts records)
◾ Malin Genie (Lazare Hoche Records, Slapfunk, TINK!)
◾ Môme (4Lux, Fragil, Housewax)
◾ Fabio Monesi (Wilson Records)
◾ SE62 (MLIU)
◾ Franck Roger (Home Invasion)
◾ Kicks (Cracki Records, Rutilance Recordings)
◾ Hugo LX (Balance, Face, MLIU)
◾ Steve Murphy (Lobster Theremin, Wilson Records, Chiwax)

Specialists in Bass from Strasbourg !


  • Category : Lightbox
  • Client : Freaky Bass Council
  • Location : Strasbourg
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