Brixton Big Apple Light boxes

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Brixton Big Apple

My favourite project from 2016 had to be Brixton Big Apple produced by Brixton rooftop.

The South London venue was transformed into an immersive New York circa 1977 street scene . Complete with the ‘Le Freak’ nightclub, street food stalls from Burger Bear, Grand Master Slice and Mac to the future. Three bars and a huge covered area for all merry makers.

With an amazing team of set designers and decorators the venue decor was down to the finest details with graffiti walls and a New York yellow taxi at the entrance. As you walked through the space the festive lighting made you feel warm and cosy and the bright lights from the signs and light boxes made you feel like you were in the middle of time square.

2017 brings another new and exciting project for the Brixton boys. Tickets are already available for the summer HERE


Jona design was very lucky to be given the opportunity to design and build a number of light boxes for the event. For the three street food vendors and bar we built round light boxes made from flexible plywood with powerful LED units . Inside the nightclub we built four funky spiral designed light boxes and on the main entrance we had branded logo light boxes.

You can see the finished signs in situ below.



© Sarah Koury / Entirety Labs

© Sarah Koury / Entirety Labs

© Sarah Koury / Entirety Labs

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